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Austin Floral Ivory Dinner Plate, 10 1/2"D.

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Sku: 35280027
Material: Iron

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Whats Included Dinner Plate
Detailed Description

Thomas O'Brien for Reed & Barton bone and fine china products are very durable and are made to be used and enjoyed everyday. When properly cared for, you can expect a lifetime of pleasurable use. Please follow these simple guidelines to preserve the beauty of your dinnerware. Never place china in contact with a direct flame or subject it to extreme temperature changes. Fine china should not be used for cooking. Items should be at room temperature before putting hot foods in them. Fine china with gold or platinum bands or detail are not microwave safe. When washing by hand, avoid using abrasive pads or detergents. Most stains can be removed by soaking the item in warm water with a mild soap before washing. Place a towel or rubber mat on the bottom of your sink to protect the dinnerware. Washing your dinnerware in a dishwasher is perfectly safe as long as you follow these guidelines. Rinse each piece prior to loading it into the dishwasher and avoid overcrowding. Load the china securely so that pieces do not touch each other. Ensure that metal objects such as pots, pans and utensils do not come in contact with the china. Use the gentle or china/crystal cycle on your dishwasher with a liquid or gel dish detergent. To prevent scratches while storing, make sure plates are not placed(more...)

Length "
Width "
Height "
Diameter 10.5"
Capacity oz
Country of Origin Japan
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